Walsh Group can provide telehandler hire throughout the Melbourne area in varied heights and sizes. These machines are often described as being a hybrid of cranes and forklifts, with options of crane jibs, buckets and fork tynes. Please contact us for more complete details on these machines.

Telehandler hire in Melbourne is perfect for a variety of applications, such as agriculture and industry. There are a variety of attachments available (other than fork tynes) that make these machines suitable for other uses. Our range extends from 6 metres to 17 metres and up to 4 tonnes lifting capacity.

Key Features
  • Compact dimensions (for easier, more efficient transportation)
  • Ability to maneuver well in tight spaces (smaller models)
  • Exceptional operator comfort in the cabin
  • Ability to carry and lift weights from 2500kg to 4000kg
  • Multiple basket sizes and types; multiple jibs and winch combinations
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