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Walsh Group can provide scissor lifts hire in Melbourne in varied heights and sizes. These machines are able to lift people and objects (such as tools and materials) straight up to your desired height. Please contact us for more complete details on these machines.
Rough Terrain Lifts

These machines are perfect for applications that require you to venture onto the road less travelled. They are designed to be tough, are equipped with lugged tyres and stabilizing legs for uneven ground. Our range extends from 8 metres to 12 metres.

Key Features
  • 4WD and positive traction control (for demanding outdoor worksites)
  • Tilt level sensor and audible alarm; descending alarm
  • Self-closing gates
  • Foam-filled rough terrain tyres
  • Diesel
Electric Lifts

Electric scissor lift hire in Melbourne is perfect for a variety of applications, such as ‘flat slab’ and indoor purposes. There are both larger and ‘micro’ models available, ensuring that your specific requirements are met. Our range extends from 15 feet to 32 feet.

Key Features
  • Zero emission operation (for safe indoor use)
  • Narrow width (for fitting through most standard doorways and aisles)
  • Quiet operation (for sound-sensitive environments)
  • Front wheel drive and zero inside turning radius (for maneuverability)
  • Folding rails with half-height swing gate
  • Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls
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