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Walsh Group can provide lighting tower hire for Melbourne area in varied heights and wattages. These machines allow you to light up your entire worksite at night or when the weather is overcast, allowing you to continue works as necessary. Please contact us for more complete details on these machines.
Balloon Lights

These lights are perfect for a variety of applications, such as mining, roadworks, emergency services and events. They have the ability to light up over 1.6 acres. Our range extends up to 4000 watts.

Key Features
  • Glare free lighting (for improved visibility)
  • Safety systems to turn power off if balloon pressure is reduced
  • Retractable draw bar (for side loading on trucks)
  • 4 retractable and screen adjusted outriggers
  • Sound reduced globes (for no annoying buzzing)
  • Fully bunded cabinet (for containing fuel spills)
Hydraulic Towers

These lighting towers are perfect for commercial construction, heavy industry and mining applications (among others). They have the ability to light up over 1.6 acres. Our range extends from 4000 watts to 6000 watts.

Key Features
  • Full hydraulic mast (for safe boom erection)
  • Large fuel tanks (for uninterrupted use of around 24 hours)
  • Horizontal reach of 3 metres (for out and over/up and over applications)
  • Parabolic lights (for significant, usable light)
  • Lights are separately switched (for power saving flexibility)
  • Adjustable light heads from the ground
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