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Walsh Group can provide mobile diesel welder generators in Melbourne in varied shapes and sizes. These welders and generators are fully portable, which means that they can be towed to relevant worksites behind your vehicle. Please contact us for more complete details on these machines.

These machines are perfect for a variety of applications, such as running small motors, powerful lighting and running power tools, as well as for ARC welding operations. Our range has a welding output of 60 – 400 amps (in single mode) and 30 – 200 amps (in dual mode).

Key Features
  • Super quiet operation (for reduced noise pollution)
  • Automatic shutdown if low oil pressure/high water temperature occurs
  • Simultaneous use (use as a welder or generator, or both at the same time)
  • Auto idle (for up to 17 hours operation with no need to refuel)
  • Compact design (for easy towing)
  • Arc force control (for excellent welding characteristics)
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