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Equipment Transport

At Walsh, we provide a full equipment transport service; we have a range of equipment floats and prime movers that allow us to move your machinery from site to site, back to your depot or into our workshop for servicing or repairs.
We can float all types of earthmoving machinery, trucks, cranes, forklifts, cars, steel structures, shipping containers and site huts with ease.
Our specialty is equipment transport for asphalt machinery, such as pavers, rollers, bobcats and rotomills.
We can move the whole crew at once with multiple floats, making it quick and easy to get started on your next job. Otherwise we can move all of your gear overnight so it’s all ready for the crew first thing in the morning.
Here at Walsh we also run heavy tilt trays with recovery winches for broken down machinery or just to move your gear around in tight places. We also have container pins for transporting 20 foot shipping containers.
With the help of our crane trucks there’s not much that we cannot move. This, coupled with fast response times, allows us to get the right truck on the job so you get your equipment moved when you want it moved.

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